Whois Privacy Protection with TopDog Hosting

As a rule, your WHOIS information has to be freely available and in addition completely legitimate. In other words you will have to post your own personal or enterprise data online and make it readily available for everyone to look at. When using the WHOIS Privacy Protection service made available from TopDog Hosting, you’ll be able to mask your data through the use of our data as a replacement.
A great benefit is the fact that all the domain–related e–mails (transfer requests, EPP codes, etc.) will still reach you, while not needed emails shall be filtered out.

Whois Privacy Protection–eligible TLDs

Because of a registry–imposed limit, we are unable to deliver our Whois Privacy Protection solution to all domain names around. If a TLD supports this kind of service by registry govern, then we may offer it to you also. Having stated that, almost all of the widely–used domain names extensions have Whois Privacy Protection support.
These TLDs include: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .co, .co.za, .me, .tv, .cc and .we.bs.

SSL Certificates

Buy SSL certificates from your CP

Via the Domain Manager, you will also be able to request an SSL certificate for your domain. With an SSL certificate, all the sensitive info that your customers send through your website (through the order form, through a login form, etc.) will be encrypted and the submitted info will never be endangered.

To enable an SSL certificate for your domain name, simply enter the required info and push the Activate button. You can order a standard SSL certificate, which will be valid for only one host, or a wildcard SSL certificate, which will be enabled for all the hosts under your domain.

SSL Certificates

Domain Redirection

Domain redirection done uncomplicated

The domain name forwarding tool that’s built into TopDog Hosting’s web hosting Control Panel allows you to forward a domain or a subdomain in your account to a different website of your choosing. Just select the host you want to redirect as well as the desired destination path itself. Our system will handle the redirection procedure and your domain will start to point to the desired location immediately.

The tool sports an easy–to–work–with interface, so you will be able to forward a desired domain or sub–domain with merely a few mouse clicks instead of making sophisticated modifications to the .htaccess file.

Domain Redirection

Quick WHOIS Management

WHOIS management designed effortless

When registering a domain, you need to furnish correct WHOIS info and to keep it up to date constantly. If you want to change your email or postal address, or in case you need to transfer the domain name to someone else, you can accomplish that via the Domain Manager.

Simply push the Edit WHOIS button next to the domain name in question and change the corresponding registrant, technical and administrative contact info. After you press the Update button, the changes will be momentarily updated online.

Quick WHOIS Management

Domain Parking

Domain parking done simple

With our web hosting Control Panel, domain name parking is simple and quick. You just have to choose the domain name you want to park and to choose one of our domain name parking themes – Under Construction or For Sale. Our clever system will park your domain name instantaneously with absolutely no waiting time. And in case you have to un–park it, it can be done with a simple click of the mouse.

If you desire to add a little bit more personal touch to the domain name parking templates, you may also enter custom text.

Domain Parking

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