CentOS is one of the preferred Operating Systems for website hosting servers. It is one of the countless Linux releases available, however what distinguishes it from the others is the long-term support, which ensures that you will always have a stable and safe Operating System. Each CentOS version that is released is supported for ten years, that's longer than with any other OS out there. CentOS also has a much larger developer community than other distributions, so in case you experience any problem or have any questions, you are able to instantly discover the information that you need. CentOS is widely known as among the best server Operating Systems, since it is very stable and secure, which makes it really reliable even if you host private info. Since it is open-source, you will be able to modify every part of it and customize it according to your needs, not to mention that the total cost for a CentOS-based server will be lower, as you won't have to pay license fees of any type.

CentOS in VPS Servers

When you buy one of our VPS server plans, you'll see CentOS as one of the Operating System choices on the registration page. You are able to decide to run either the 32-bit or the 64-bit release of CentOS, based on the software that you intend to set up later. In contrast to other Linux releases, CentOS supports different website hosting Control Panels as well, so you can choose Hepsia, cPanel or DirectAdmin, each of which can be installed through the VPS creation, along with web server software, MySQL server software, etcetera. If you'd like to have a VPS for some other purpose or if you need different software on it, you can order your server without any Control Panel and you will obtain a machine with CentOS and the Apache web server software only. With a CentOS-powered virtual server from us, you'll have a secure and reliable website hosting service for all of your sites.

CentOS in Dedicated Servers

You are able to get CentOS with each and every dedicated server that we supply, because 32-bit and 64-bit releases of the OS are among the options that you are able to pick on the registration page. CentOS supports all three website hosting Control Panels which we supply, therefore you're able to select Hepsia, DirectAdmin or cPanel to be set up on your server. The first one is suitable for less experienced users who require a powerful web hosting solution, since a Hepsia-equipped server is managed like one large account, whereas the other two Control Panels will enable you to create numerous web hosting accounts on the server and even to resell the website hosting space. If you need CentOS with no additional software, you are able to select a server setup without Control Panel at all. Then you can add just the software that you need. We also offer a Managed Services upgrade, that includes weekly CentOS updates.